We support cities and city networks to contribute more effectively to multilateral processes and bodies.
We also provide a neutral platform to discuss urban issues.
This website showcases the urban dimension of the work of Geneva-based international actors.


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May 11, 2021 14:30
This online event – co-organized by the Geneva Human Rights Platform, UN-Habitat, the Global Land Tool Network, the Geneva Cities Hub, the Habitat International Coalition – will discuss the draft General Comment on land and ESCR and its links with the UN human rights treaty body system, the UN Declaration on the rights of peasants and the UN Declaration and Expert Mechanism on the rights of indigenous peoples. 
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Leading the global effort to end AIDS, UNAIDS is a Joint Programme cosponsored by 11 UN entities. Headquartered in Geneva, UNAIDS supports an accelerated HIV response in urban settings through the Fast-Track Cities Initiative.
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June 3, 2021 18:00
The Covid crises showed, among other things that the future belongs to the soft mobility. In search of social interaction, celebration of the bike day and re-connecting partners from local and international Geneva around the theme of soft mobility in the City, the Geneva Cities Hub, in different level partnerships: stands, drinks, co-invitation, organizes a cocktail garden party. Come to breath fresh air, see friendly faces and celebrate urban soft mobility with the Geneva Cities Hub & partners.
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Our 2020 Annual Report is out !

The 2020 Annual Report presents the work carried out by the Geneva Cities Hub during its first year of existence to initiate policy discussions and other activities to strengthen the links between cities, city networks and International Geneva and also provides perspectives for 2021. Download 2020 Annual Report