A first COP of cities to reaffirm cities’ crucial role in addressing climate change

On 1-2 July 2022, the city of Abijan and the Association Internationale des Maires Francophones co-organized a first “COP of cities” dedicated to climate change, ahead of COP27 to be held in November 2022 in Egypt. On that occasion, mayors from the five continents gathered to reaffirm their engagement and the crucial role of cities in the fight against climate change.

In Abijan, mayors committed to:

  • accelerate the implementation of their climate action plans and the development of adaptation strategies to mitigate and reduce the impact of climate change
  • continue to share their good practices at international level
  • develop nature-based solutions and invest in renewable energies and sustainable management of resources
  • report back on their progress and present them at COP27 in Egypt.

Mayors also called upon States to cooperate with local and regional authorities to develop and implement Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to the Paris Agreement, to recognize the major role of cities to achieve sustainable development and to support investment in climate-friendly municipal projects. Indeed, on the frontlines of environmental crises, worldwide cities called upon States to provide them with the means to act swiftly in the face of the climate emergency.

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