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May 2, 2023 12:45 pm
The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique "peer-to-peer" process that involves a periodic review (every 4 ½ years) of the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States. Each State presents the measures taken in its territory to fulfill its international human rights obligations, and all other States can comment and make recommendations.
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April 21, 2023 1:30 pm
The event will shed light on: The documents published for INC-2 (Paris, 29May - 2 June 2023); The role of States and how local and regional government can interact more effectively; States which have referred local and regional governments in their submissions for INC-2; Logistics for those wishing to participate in INC-2
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Headquartered in Geneva, ITU is the UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies. It is committed to connecting all people and to support everyone's right to communicate, including in urban contexts.
Institution: International Telecommunication Union

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