Civil Defense takes a first aid course for communities

Basic notions of first aid is what the Secretariat of Civil Defense and Voluntary Actions intends to offer with the instruction it will offer in partnership with the Secretariat of Health, through the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU), to members of the Community Civil Defense Nucleus (NUDEC). The initiative aims to train volunteers to provide first aid in emergency situations and provide basic support until help arrives in the communities. With the Community Guardians course, the Civil Defense intends to prepare even more the residents of each location for crisis situations, especially in the event of occurrences caused by heavy rains.

This is training that will offer greater preparation to residents in any emergency situation and is the result of another work carried out in partnership between different sectors of the municipal government“, highlighted Mayor Hingo Hammes, noting that the action follows the line of action intersectoral government. The secretary of Civil Defense, Ten Cel BM Gil Kempers, reinforced that the initial idea of the service is to offer better working conditions for people on days of heavy rain, but that the initiative offers preparation for residents in different situations. “We realized that this is an instruction that goes further, that it can help residents in any situation and it is through the NUDEC that we are managing to bring this notion of security to the communities”, he pointed out.

The SAMU instruction is another mechanism for the communities that is part of the preparation for the rainy season. In addition to restructuring the NUDEC and support points to welcome the population on rainy days, the residents of each region are being instructed to act preventively on the days of greatest risk. “It is of great importance that the community knows how to provide initial support, a first basic assistance until specialized help arrives at the places. We are trying more and more to make the residents more prepared and have behaviors that can minimize damage”, highlighted the director of Civil Defense projects, 1º Ten BM Camila Nunes.

© Gil Kempers

The course will provide guidance on basic first aid concepts and steps; give insight into types of injuries; how to act in situations of injuries, bruises, fractures and amputations; how to behave in case of accidents with electric shock; adequate care in the case of seizures, accidents with stings or animal bites; adequate casualty transport; in addition to providing basic information about what the Mobile Emergency Care Service is and how it works.

For SAMU agents, this is an important initiative that offers greater preparation within communities and can save lives. “This type of instructions is of great relevance to residents, especially in a city like ours, which constantly suffers from disasters. With this training, the population will have basic knowledge to maintain life until the arrival of qualified help”, highlighted the SAMU nursing coordinator, Joelson da Silva Gomes. According to him, the instruction will contribute not only to the community as a whole, but even to the conduct of each resident in possible domestic emergencies. “One minute can make the difference between a short hospital stay or permanent disability. These instructions will make a difference and may help to save lives”, he reinforced.

The Community Guardians course will be offered through the NUDEC, which currently provide direct interaction between Civil Defense and communities. Through volunteers, members of the NUDEC, Civil Defense has achieved direct contact with local leaders and strengthened security mechanisms in the regions. “This is another important work in which we unite our efforts for the good of the communities, with a focus on preventing lives”, highlighted the Secretary of Health, Aloísio Barbosa.