Energy Cities is an association that provides a political platform for major European cities. We network the local governments of 145 of Europe’s largest cities and more than 45 partner cities that between them govern some 130 million citizens in 39 countries.  





Energy Cities is a learning community for cities engaged in future proofing their economies, built around a “local and sustainable first” approach. Our strength lies in our members’ strong commitment to reach climate neutrality in their territories by 2050 and to align their local strategic development with the Paris Agreement.

Building a learning community is a tool that helps each of our members feel more confident in their own transition journey, because other cities have done it before, or because cities can test new solutions together. We foster an atmosphere of mutual trust in the dialogue between citizens, local leaders and EU and national institutions in order to accelerate the transformation towards a climate-neutral Europe. Energy Cities energises this vibrant community and ensures its visibility.


“Energy Cities empowers cities and citizens to shape and transition to future proof cities. We showcase concrete alternatives deployed by cities, we advocate to change politic and economic governance at all levels and we foster a wide cultural change leading to a futureproofed society. After decades shaping energy and climate policies for a decentralised, democratic and decarbonised energy system, the next step for cities is to transform their entire metabolism with a climate-neutral approach. Building resilient communities means fostering interdependence between sectors, between territories, between economic, social and cultural players and city leaders in order to share wealth and well-being at the local scale.

Our vision is that, by 2050, we will all be living in decarbonised and resilient cities with access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy. We strive to deliver LIVING SPACES that are accessible to everyone, through vibrant local economies and maximising resource regeneration.”





Energy Cities is involved in a wide variety of projects to support its member cities in their energy and climate actions.

We have notably been coordinating the Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office since the start of the initiative in 2008. We are now coordinating the European City Facility, which provides technical and financial support to municipalities in their sustainable energy projects.

In April 2022, we will hold our annual conference in cooperation with our member city Heerlen, in the Netherlands, and RESCOOP, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives.

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“Energy Cities’ joint action across Europe makes each of our member cities stronger. We stand up for our common interests, inform and inspire each other. With each new member, our community becomes more powerful. Every new local and regional authority wishing to join is very welcome!” 

Executive Director: Ms Claire Roumet

2B chemin de Palente, 25000 Besançon, France 

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