Ensure urban transport is sustainable

Plan and design sustainable urban transport systems, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion, and environmental pollution, and increasing road safety. Ensure that urban mobility systems are accessible, affordable and interlinked, aligned with land management, and integrated into the wider urban development. Guarantee that future users are efficiently included in the processes of planning and implementation.

Ensure that transport in the urban environment is sustainable through the promotion of safe, secure, green, healthy and affordable smart mobility solutions.

Ensure enhanced resilience and preparedness of urban transport systems in times of population growth, urban sprawl, pandemics and natural disasters, with an emphasis on public transport as the backbone of many cities and as a provider of essential services to keep cities moving.


Sharing Cities

Sharing Cities is a EU-funded project aiming to create smart districts in 3 “lighthouse cities” (London, Lisbon, Milan).

This case study was shared by Ms. Vittoria Beria, Director, International Relations dept., Mayor’s Office, City of Milan.

Paris caps speed at 30 km per hour 

Paris is limiting street traffic speed to 30 kilometres per hour. The motive behind the change is to reduce the number of road accidents and decrease the levels of noise pollution in the French capital.


Read the full article by Aseniya Dimitrova on TheMayor.EU. 

Making the night safer for women and children in Madrid Region

Arganda del Rey, a municipality in the southern periphery of Madrid, joined the ‘Parada a demanda’ (Bus stop on demand) service programme.

The beneficiaries of this service are women and minors, who now have the option to request from the driver of the bus to make an unscheduled stop along the route. The idea is to increase security for these more vulnerable groups during the night.


Read the full article by Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov on TheMayor.EU.

Vancouver offers leisure discounts to boost public transit use

“This summer’s campaign is the first of our efforts to encourage our customers to rediscover their transit system — it’s affordable, it’s convenient and it will connect you and your family and friends to everywhere you might want to visit in our region.”


Read the full article by Christopher Carey on Cities Today (subscription required).