The Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) is an association under the Dutch law with its registered office in The Hague, The Netherlands and consists of members and honorary members. Only cities or mayors can apply for the GPM membership.


The GPM encourages all mayors to join the Global Parliament of Mayors. Becoming a member of the GPM requires commitment to the basic values of the GPM as defined in the GPM mission statement, to be an ambassador for the GPM and its common action policy, and to pay an annual membership fee. The annual membership fee is based on the Gross National Income (GNI) and the size of the population of a city.




The vision of the GPM is to contribute to a world in which mayors, their cities and networks are equal partners in building global governance for an inclusive and sustainable world.

It is our mission to convene a Global Parliament of Mayors to facilitate debates between mayors, national governance and international organisations, drive systematic action to take on global and national challenges and opportunities to achieve political change on a global scale. Mayors take leadership and ownership of the global challenges that they face on a local level.



The GPM is a global city rights movement. It is designed to harness the power of our proximity to urban residents and leverage cities’ approaches to problem solving. As mayors, we can drive solutions in our cities that are more progressive, faster, and more targeted than those put forward at the national level. The GPM is promoting collective action, connectivity and solidarity among mayors at a time where the common global voice of mayors is especially needed as drivers of change.





In 2023, the GPM has several opportunities to shape important multilateral debates and present progressive, tangible, and practice-based solutions on global issues. One of these opportunities has been created by the unprecedented inclusion of the GPM in the 2022 G7 ministerial meeting for Urban Development to make the voice of mayors heard. Japan, which will take on the G7 Presidency in 2023, has already agreed to continue the Sustainable Urban Development track and to include cities in this process. Since 2022, the GPM, together with ICLEI, co-hosts the Urban7 Secretariat.

Another opportunity is the GPM’s engagement in the White House Summit for Democracy in 2023. The Summit has inspired the GPM, the German Marshall Fund and the Pact of Free Cities to launch of the Declaration of Mayors for Democracy already signed by over 160 mayors from around the world reaffirming their unwavering commitment to rebuilding and reinforcing democracy.

A final example of a GPM key project is the Annual Summit 2023 that will create spaces for mayors from the Global North and South to debate on urgent issues in cities, and to share, learn, explore, and build global governance while asserting the important role of cities and municipalities in the international system.

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