Are you a Mayor or a municipal staff? The Mayors’ Action Platform has been created for you!

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The Geneva Cities Hub launched the Mayors’ Action Platform (MAP).

Created under the auspices of UNECE and UN-HABITAT, this initiative was created to follow-up on the Geneva Declaration of Mayors.

The objectives of the platform are twofold:

  • to showcase concrete actions and solutions devised by cities to address the issues covered by the Declaration of Mayors
  • to create a safe space for Mayors and their administration to exchange among peers

This is a platform where Mayors can publish their own success stories, read best practices by other municipalities, and get in touch via the integrated chat.

About the Declaration of Mayors

In 2020, the first-ever Forum of Mayors enabled Mayors from the UNECE region to share how they make their cities more resilient, with a focus on Covid-19 and climate change. The Forum culminated in the adoption of the Geneva Declaration of Mayors, under which Mayors undertook to:

  • strengthen the resilience of our cities
  • take ambitious climate action
  • make our cities greener
  • accelerate the transition to sustainable energy
  • ensure urban transport is sustainable
  • ensure housing is affordable healthy and adequate
  • make cities more equitable and inclusive

The Geneva Cities Hub created the MAP to support Mayors in their implementation of the Declaration of Mayors.

Find out more about how the MAP works.

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