Key outcomes of the UN Habitat Assembly

June 15, 2023 3:00 pm
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Sustainable urban development should not only be achieved in cities, but also WITH cities, as full-fledged stakeholders. Cities and other LRGs should be able to share their views at the international level on relevant issues. For that, States need to create a new status for LRGs at the UN” said GCH Co-Director in her statement to the UN Habitat Assembly.

To go further in exploring the key take aways, the Cities Hub organizes the next Geneva Urban Debate on the outcomes of the 2nd session of the UN Habitat Assembly (Nairobi, 5-9 June) which focuses on  “A sustainable urban future through inclusive and effective multilateralism: achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in times of global crises”. Following issues are discussed and subject of the resolutions negotiated there: universal access to affordable housing; people-centred smart cities, urban climate action; urban crises recovery; localization of the SDGs; prosperity and local finance. All these issues are crucial for cities and the GCH will shed light on how the perspectives, experiences and expectations of LRGs were taken into account during the discussions.

The Debate will inform about the main outcomes, i.e., the Ministerial declaration and the resolutions as well as about the most important take-aways from the side-event organized by GCH at the Assembly focusing on the localization of the SDGs and how they interconnect with human rights through the UN Universal Periodic Review.




  • Graham Alabaster, Chief, UN Habitat Geneva Office
  • Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor, Kitchener (Canada) – video recording
  • Anh Thu Duong, Co-Director, Geneva Cities Hub





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