Mayors Migration Council

The Mayors Migration Council (MMC) is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. It is a mayor-led advisory and advocacy organization managed as a Sponsored Project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. It operates with support from the Open Society Foundations, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the IKEA Foundation, among others.

Created by mayors for mayors, the MMC is guided by a Leadership Board of global city leaders, including the Mayors of Amman, Bristol, Dhaka North, Freetown, Kampala, Los Angeles, Milan, Montevideo, Montréal, and Zürich. Distinct from other city networks that have strict membership requirements, the MMC is an open resource for mayors from cities of all sizes, geographies, and income levels.

“While national leaders talk borders and visa regimes, it is cities that are stepping up to welcome and care for newcomers. The Mayors Migration Council works to accelerate ambitious global action on migration and displacement through city diplomacy and practice, creating the conditions for urban migrants, displaced people, and receiving communities to thrive. We are a resource open to all cities everywhere—not an exclusive membership club.”




As a non-membership organization, the MMC engages with all cities that can benefit from our services and support. We take a flexible approach that allows all cities to participate in our coalition and offer programme activities that match their needs and capacities. As a principle, we strive to ensure that our work amplifies the voices and experiences of the Global South and secondary cities.

For the MMC, success is ultimately a transformed national, regional, and international governance system that reflects and addresses local realities and improves conditions for migrants and refugees.




The MMC supports mayors to:

● Access and influence State-led diplomatic processes most relevant to migration and displacement, including through the Call to Local Action for Migrants and Refugees.

● Secure financial and technical resources to implement global migration and displacement goals locally, including through the Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees.

● Elevate mayoral leadership on the international stage through global communications.

● Generate and disseminate knowledge grounded in local experiences.

● Build relationships with local and global champions of migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people.

The MMC created the Global Cities Fund to respond to the unmet needs of cities as they support migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people during pressing global challenges. Developed in partnership with the UN Migration Agency, the UN Refugee Agency, the UN Human Settlement Programme, and United Cities and Local Governments, the Fund builds precedents of fiscal feasibility in city governments within low- and middle-income countries that are often disregarded by donors with low risk tolerance, despite being at the frontlines of these challenges. 



Call to Local Action for Migrants and Refugees. This is the official track for cities to engage in GCM and GCR processes and make a tangible difference in the lives of migrants and refugees.

Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees. The key instrument for channelling international funding and technical resources directly to city governments.

C40-MMC Global Mayors Task Force on Climate and Migration. This programme brings together mayors from around the world to address the needs of urban residents impacted or displaced by the climate crisis.


To partner with the MMC and access the organization’s knowledge, expertise, and tools:


Executive Director: Vittoria Zanuso
Head of Policy and Advocacy: Maggie Powers
Head of Practice: Samer Saliba


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