Mayors Migration Council

The MMC is a mayor-led organization managed as a sponsored project by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, an independent 501 non-profit organization that provides governance and MMC’s operational infrastructure. The MMC is financially supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Open Society Foundations. The Leadership Board is composed of the mayors of Amman, Bristol, Freetown, Kampala, Los Angeles, Milan, Montréal, and Zürich, and the former mayor of Athens.

“From a position at the periphery just a few years ago, mayors are now widely recognized to deliver practical solutions, drive progress, and show political will where others have stepped back. Since our launch in December 2018, we at the MMC have helped mayors become more involved in international policymaking, more comfortable in navigating the international halls of power, and more ambitious when voicing their views on migration policy at the global level.”




As a non-membership organization, the MMC engages with all cities that can benefit from our services and support. We take a flexible approach that allows all cities to participate in our coalition and offer programme activities that match their needs and capacities. As a principle, we strive to ensure that our work amplifies the voices and experiences of the Global South and secondary cities.

For the MMC, success is ultimately a transformed national, regional, and international governance system that reflects and addresses local realities and improves conditions for migrants and refugees.




The MMC has four long-term objectives:

• Cities are formally represented and consulted in national and multilateral policy deliberations and implementation arrangements concerning migrants and refugees.

• Cities inform and influence national and international responses to migrant and refugee issues through effective diplomacy, advocacy, and communications.

• Cities regularly access financial and technical resources from national governments, development agencies, international humanitarian organizations, and the private sector, as well as their peer cities, to implement local solutions for pressing migration and refugee challenges.

• Cities meet and exceed global commitments on migration and refugees by implementing local solutions efficiently and at scale.

The MMC created the Global Cities Fund to respond to the unmet needs of cities as they support migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people during pressing global challenges. Developed in partnership with the UN Migration Agency, the UN Refugee Agency, the UN Human Settlement Programme, and United Cities and Local Governments, the Fund builds precedents of fiscal feasibility in city governments within low- and middle-income countries that are often disregarded by donors with low risk tolerance, despite being at the frontlines of these challenges. 



Climate-induced migration, inclusive climate action and cities. Climate change is increasingly a key driver of human mobility. Since the majority of people who move as a result of climate change settle in urban areas, cities are first responders. In partnership with the C40 group of cities, the MMC coordinates and streamlines cities’ diplomatic activities to promote and enable national and international policy frameworks, highlight specific recommendations and best practices for integrating inclusive climate action and inclusion policies in cities, and explore joint and targeted approaches to climate and migration-related funding instruments.

Inclusive emergency response and recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a stark spotlight on the critical role that cities must play to ensure that all residents have access to information, healthcare, and support systems during national or global emergencies, especially when the State’s response is inadequate. In partnership with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and others, the MMC advocates inclusive international, national, and local forms of governance that ensure no one is left behind in the course of health crises, natural disasters, or any other type of emergency, because of their immigration or refugee status.



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