The Geneva Cities Hub becomes the Global Cities Hub (GCH)

The Geneva Cities Hub becomes the “Global Cities Hub” (GCH) and opens to new members. It remains committed to better connect local and regional governments to the UN and other international organizations in Geneva.

In today’s interconnected and urbanized world, cities are more than administrative and economic entities. They are global actors rising on the international stage and engaging in global governance of common challenges, alongside States, international organizations and other stakeholders. Cities are impacted by global challenges (climate change, mass migration, pandemics, sustainable development, etc.) and often are the ones devising local solutions to address them. Indeed, cities are well-placed to understand the local effects of global challenges, meet the needs and aspirations of their residents and offer them pragmatic solutions, including adequate public services. Hence, the new name of GCH better takes into account the global status of cities and it also reflects the global outreach of the organization, which engages LRGs worldwide.

Established 3 years ago in Geneva to support cities and regions engaging in global affairs, the “Global Cities Hub” will continue to primarily focus on Geneva-based multilateral processes and bodies, including the UN Forum of Mayors, the UN Human Rights Council and its Universal Periodic Review, the World Health Organization and the new pandemic treaty. In addition, the GCH worksto raise the profile of cities and regions in multilateral negotiation processes on crucial issues like the new treaty against plastic pollution. It also supports the participation of and contribution by local and regional governments from all over the world in high profile event, such as the Global Refugee Forum and the World Summit on the Information Society.

The Global Cities Hub looks forward to pursuing its work with local and regional governments worldwide on all relevant issues on the multilateral agenda.

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