The work of UN Regional Commissions with Mayors: good practices, current & future perspectives

April 6, 2022 1:00 pm
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This side event, taking place just after the UNECE Forum of Mayors, will gather representatives from all UN Regional Economic Commissions, together with Mayors from those regions, to learn about their work, cooperation and experiences with Mayors and other local and regional governments (LRGs).

While UNECE will be asked to share first-hand impressions about their Forum of Mayors, speakers from UNECA, UNESCAP and UNESCWA will be asked to reflect on how the Forum and other initiatives could be adapted to their regions, contribute to increased engagement with Mayors and LRGs and how this could be taken up at intergovernmental level.

The objectives of the side event are to:

  • Share experiences and/or sustainable urban development policies and practices in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda;
  • Discuss the implementation of the urban-related proposals of the UNSG contained in “Our Common Agenda”;
  • Look for opportunities to identify projects and/or Mayors who could champion approaches that promote engagement of mayors at the international level or the New Urban Agenda in their respective regions?

The event will constitute an important step for the contributions of the UN Regional commissions and their respective Mayors in the lead up to the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda (28 April 2022).

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Some key issues will be addressed during the discussions:

  • How is the New Urban Agenda perceived in each region, what is its uptake/acceptance?
  • What are the lessons learned in terms of sustainable urban development in each region?
  • Where are the capacity gaps to support urban development?
  • What are the different models to include cities and other sub-national governments in regional intergovernmental processes?
  • Can we replicate regional experiences, like creating “Regional Forum of Mayors”, inspired by the Geneva-based Forum of Mayors? Or advance further in other initiatives such as the Voluntary Local Reviews?


Light refreshments will be served before the side event 

Hybrid event, seats are limited ONLY to registered people





  • Ms. Paola Deda, Director, Forests, Land and Housing Division, UNECE
  • Ms. Edlam Yemeru, Chief, Urbanization and Development, UNECA, with Hon. Elizabeth Naa Kwatsoe Tawiah Sackey, Chief Executive, Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Ghana
  • Ms. Sukaina Al Nasrawi, Social Affairs Expert, UNESCWA
  • Mr. Curt Garrigan, Chief, Sustainable Urban Development Section for the Environment and Development Division, UNESCAP, with Mr. Ashok Kumar Byanju Shrestha, Mayor of the Municipality of Dhulikel, Nepal


Moderation: Ms. Kamelia Kemileva, Co-Director, Geneva Cities Hub



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