UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

GNLC currently has 229 member cities. Partners and the Secretariat of GNLC also make essential contributions to the network.

Members of the UNESCO GNLC include cities at various stages of development. A learning city promotes lifelong learning for all.

“Lifelong learning is key for sustainable development. Only if all of us are able to continuously update knowledge and skills will we be able to adapt to and take an active role in a rapidly developing world. With more than half of humanity living in urban areas, cities are at the forefront of enabling lifelong learning. Members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities showcase effective lifelong  learning policies and practices that support the development of inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities and contribute to the 2030 Agenda. I invite all cities committed to lifelong learning to become part of this global network.”




To support and accelerate the practice of lifelong learning by promoting policy dialogue and peer learning among member cities. To forge links; foster partnerships; provide capacity development; and develop instruments that will encourage and recognize the progress made towards building learning cities.




International Conference on Learning Cities (ICLC). Every two years, mayors and other representatives of the GNLC come together to share challenges, solutions, and best practice in furthering lifelong learning for their residents.

City priorities. These include education for sustainable development; learning for health; educational planning; entrepreneurship; equity and inclusion.

Expanding the lifelong learning concept to more African cities.


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