Urban Violence & Protection of Healthcare in the City

June 1, 2021 3:00 pm
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The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an increase of attacks against doctors, nurses and other health workers worldwide, often the expression of communities’ anger and frustration over the authorities’ shortcomings inthe response to the virus outbreak.

However, violence against healthcare in urban settings has been a concern long before the pandemic, which only further exposed and exacerbated numerous pre-existing socio-economic problems.

Since 2016 the ICRC has counted 3.780 attacks against ambulances, hospitals and healthcare professionals. Not all these incidents have taken place in war zones. Some have occurred in cities which are not experiencing conflict but are affected by urban violence, resulting from clashes involving law enforcement authorities and street gangs, the circulation of small arms,or a generalized volatile and violence-prone environment, which also engenders tense inter-personal relationships between members of the community and the medical staff.

The consequences of these attacks affect the whole community, jeopardizing access to healthcare services for all city dwellers. How can municipal authorities and healthcare professional address urban violence and its consequences on the healthcare system?

City managers and representatives from the healthcare sector in Chicago (USA), Karachi (Pakistan) and Fortaleza (Brazil) will present their experiences and share their best practices to limit the consequences of violence on the healthcare services, enhancing access to healthcare for the whole urban community.


Key Note Speakers


  • M. Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva, President of Geneva Cities Hub, Co-Chairof UCLG Task Force on territorial prevention & management of crises
  • M. Gilles Carbonnier, Vice-President, ICRC


  • Mr. Norman Kerr, Director of Violence Reduction, City of Chicago
  • Ms. Barbara Suplit, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Lurie Children’s
  • Dr. Lubna Baig, APPNA Institute of Public Health, Jinnah Sindh
  • Dr. Jose Sarto Nogueira, Mayor of Fortaleza


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