The Geneva Cities Hub (GCH, the Hub) is a 'platform of urban actors. In strategic terms, the Hub is thematically ‘agnostic’ or ‘neutral’, because it addresses all themes that are of concern to those involved. In legal terms, it is an association under Swiss law, therefore a non-governmental organization (NGO). It will not constitute a new network of urban actors. It will operate exclusively within Geneva but will cooperate with global actors based elsewhere and will participate actively in the work of the Geneva ecosystem.


The GCH will work with:

  1. Town and city governments, a variety of networks that work on relevant themes, and United Cities and Local Governments, the largest city network.

  2. Entities in the United Nations (UN) and in other international organizations based in Geneva that work on urban issues. 

  3. Academic institutions, private sector bodies and entities and civil society associations (NGOs).

  4. National governments, which have their own urban policies and also shape the policies of inter-governmental organizations when they address urban issues. "






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Executive Manager

Kamelia, holding an MBA, has in-depth experience in executive administration of non-profit organisations. She is also a lawyer, specialized in Swiss law relevant to international organisations and international public law, including expertise on the United Nations intergovernmental bodies.

She has also a direct experience of intergovernmental multilateral negotiation and diplomacy, combined with an academic expertise in teaching, executive training, and education. Kamelia is a Senior Consultant to the Geneva-based company AxLR ltd.

Before joining the Geneva Cities Hub, Kamelia was namely Executive Manager at the Geneva Academy. Before this she worked as Special Assistant to the President of the UN Human Rights Council for three years. She was also a Visiting Programme Director at Wilton Park. Previously to that, she also worked at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN Office at Geneva. In 2002, she was part of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York.

Before moving to the public sector, Kamelia worked for two years in the private sector in a Geneva-based private bank as a compliance officer.

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