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UNDP is the lead UN agency on international development. In Geneva, it contributes to achieving the SDGs through partnerships, advocacy and policy work with International Geneva partners. In particular, the UNDP Geneva Office works across the themes of fragility and resilience, peace and crisis response, governance and human rights, climate action, health and sustainable finance, which are all relevant to local and regional governments.
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The UNECE Forum of Mayors enables direct engagement of Mayors at the international level to exchange concrete actions and innovative solutions on urban resilience. It fosters inclusive multilateralism in International Geneva.
Institution: UNECE Forum of Mayors
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The World Economic Forum (WEF) is the International Organization for Public-Private cooperation. It provides a platform for leaders from all stakeholder groups from around the world – businesses, governments and civil society – to come together and drive positive change, including in cities which are faced with numerous challenges brought by urbanization. 
Institution: WEF