Make cities more equitable andinclusive

Build inclusive cities which guarantee equal rights and participation of all, including the most vulnerable groups in our communities. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic – and also the impact of a changing climate – intensified pre-existing inequalities and put socioeconomic progress at risk of being rolled back. This is why we commit to “build back better” in a more equitable and inclusive manner.

Ensure women participate fully in political decision making processes and actively tackle the under representation of women in local governments. It is critical to give women a voice for influencing public priorities and ensuring that urban planning responds to the needs of women and girls.

Ensure that contingency plans respond to the specific needs of different population groups that might be more vulnerable in emergency situations and under climate change, including women, children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, international and internal migrants and those who are economically disadvantaged. Provide for public participation in decision-making when developing emergency plans.




As part of the public policies put in place in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals, the city of Evian launched a project to provision of free sanitary protection for all Evian women.

This case study was shared by Ms. Aurore Dupays, directrice du Centre Communal d’Action Sociale (CCAS), Evian, France

Vienna pushing for fairer police force with cadets from migrant backgrounds

Vienna launched a new campaign called ‘Vienna wants you!’ with the aim of recruiting people from a migrant background to the city’s police department.

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What are the citizens’ main worries?

To address the issues that matter to the residents of Bishkek, the Mayor’s Office of Bishkek is in constant and operational communication with them. 


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Bialystok – Become a Hero in your city

Offering locals money to come up with great ideas that meet their needs may sound like an easy win, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Over several editions, Bialystok has fine-tuned a process that opens the door for anyone to, as they put it ‘Become a hero in your city’.


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